Monday, March 29, 2010

How to not kill your indoor plants

If anyone is like me with indoor plants, they know that it can be frustrating to keep them alive. I usually end up giving mine too much water, and they responding by dieing. Not the gracious response we want from giving too much attention, but inevitable. So after days of seeing this beautiful orchid at the local grocery store and not buying it because I knew that it would not live long in my hands, I heard a great trick. Just put ice in it, and only do it once a week. This seemed easy enough. So first I tried it with an aloe plant that I had been unsuccessfully trying to grow for months, and to my great worked! This plant has really taken off and has grown three new sprouts since I started icing. With the success of the aloe plant I decided to try the orchid. I am happy to report so far so good. I have had the orchid for over a month and it still has all of blooms and has a few new ones. I constantly get compliments on how beautiful it is and it's awesome color. So to all of you who are interested in some houseplants but haven't been successful in the past, try icing them. It's easy and quick, and gives many plants just the right amount of water to grow. Good luck with your houseplants!


  1. Great tip! I haven't killed any houseplants yet but I'm always spilling water when I water them. Ice would definitely be a lot easier to manage so I'll give it a try!

  2. Remember that icing is a great trick for plants that are accustomed to dryer soils! You might have to ice more frequently if they need more water.